Alan Rickman

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, born on February 21, 1946, is an English actor who is most famous in currently portraying Severus Snape in the Harry Potter Series.


Alan Rickman is well-known for his recent portrayal of Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in 2007, and his constant portrayals of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter Series. He is also known for the voice of the Caterpillar, Absolem, in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in 2010, portraying the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Theves in 1991. He also portrayed Hans Gruber from Die Hard in 1988 and portrayed Alex Hughes from Snow Cake in 2006. His upcoming portrayal, currently being filmed, will be Lord Shahbandar from Gambit in 2012.

Personal LifeEdit

Alan Rickman met his partner Rima Horton in 1965, who was an economics professor and London Labour party politician.


-Alan Rickman Wikipedia