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Welcome! This is my own version of IMDb website, concentrating more on the actors then the films. Who has acted with who in what. Who lives where. Who died of what. At this point I haven't made many policies yet, but the general rules are:

  1. First and foremost, only actors and actresses get actual articles. Films, TV Series, dates, places, etc are all categories. If you want to add articles for actors and actresses but are unsure of what to do for categories, then just leave it and I'll worry about categorising your articles.
  2. I would like to have some sources, at the very least where you got the majority of your information. It this wiki is to be ever taken seriously, there has to be sources for things. If most of your information came from one source, then list it.
  3. Bottom line, everyone is welcome, as long as you follow the above two rules, you can blog or comment on articles as much as you want as long as they are tasteful comments, and you don't vandalise articles or user pages or be rude to any of the other users.

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